About Kala Kollective

About Us

We aim to to bring to you art, music and creative workshops along with a space that welcomes you with its sublime nature that transcends through its beauty and passion for you to be an observer or a creator. So weather you jam with your fellows or listen and experience the creators perform this space is for everyone. Create conversations and memories over books, food and let’s start building newer friendships and strengthen old bonds.


            Kala Kollective is an informal cultural space that ables people to experience the inherent power of art through creative recreation. We want people to simply take some time off for themselves, and use art as a means of self-discovery. We wish to host wholesome sessions of various art practices where participants unwind and learn something new. Such a notion of art therapy has helped people combat stress, negativity and anxiety. We at Kala Kollective will bring to people, new and wonderful creative activities for the purpose of self-expression and creativity, sensations that people have lost touch with in their daily lives. Whether you are young or old, a seasoned artist or an amateur looking to just dabble, Kala Kollective will always have something for you.

Kala’ meaning ‘a skilled craft’ while ‘Kollective’  focuses on the cooperative force of a group of people towards the practice of art as an intrinsic activity. The concept that art and its forms is a luxury enjoyed by the elite, is not new to us and we wish to break this thought and introduce art and its forms as valuable assets for people from all walks of life.

Kala Kollective invites all of you inspiring individuals to come spend a day with us. Paint or play music, eat, drink and socialise with like-minded people in a fun, creative and non-judgemental environment.



We believe in holistic living. We believe in personalised expression. We believe in individuality because that must be of utmost importance to oneself.



  • Introduce Kala in an infotainment session
  • Promote creative recreation
  • Widen your attention span and be fully present now
  • Combat fatigue and promote constructive activities
  • Practice various art forms in a positive environment
  • Learn about yourself and your chain of thoughts
  • De-stress and unwind



            All the sessions at Kala Kollective will be carried out in a casual and friendly setting. The conductor of the session will begin with his or her introduction and move on to speak about his style of work. The participants will then introduce themselves to the group and will be allowed to speak freely about themselves and their passions.

After the introduction, the conductor will move onto introducing the art form with a brief yet informative manner. The idea will be to make the participants comfortable with the conductor as well as the art form. Meanwhile, participants can get their drinks or snacks and continue wth the session. As we progress, participants will be allowed to practice as per their wish with the assistance of the conductor.

By the end of the session, the participants would have learnt and experienced the creative skill behind various art forms while having spent a fun-filled and creative evening.