Our Artists

Khyati Veera

Teaching has always been a passion, pursuing it is more like an opportunity than choice. It’s been 4 blissful years in this industry and I can’t skip to agree that every student has been a teacher to me. I, co-founder of the Mumbai Fashion Academy am happy and proud to have empowered more than 1500 women. It’s never too late to begin, so let’s create some sass, shower around some love like confetti and let the designs do the talking!

Priti Soni

Creating something artistic is what makes me happy all the time. But being from the science background and going on to become a teacher meant art took a backseat. But that could not stop me from being creative ad I would always take out time for experimenting new art forms. Finally i quit my job and started taking workshops at different art studios and creating hand painted, handcrafted products.

Ami Mehta

Ami was bitten by the art bug quite early in life and hence she very well knew how and where to direct her career. She pursued her Master’s degree in jewelry designing and started teaching art. Of many other art forms, she is a lover and a master of Decoupage and Quilling wall clocks.

Pooja Shah

Though a BCA graduate, Pooja was always inclined towards art and creativity. She’s a homemaker and always wanted to channelize her creativity to productivity. She discovered her love for crafting soaps 2 years back has never looked back ever since. Pooja takes workshops on soap making and shares her knowledge with everybody as she feels it is a safe and easy way to make some money especially for the homemakers.

Shweta Ektare

Shweta is a visual artist and she started her artistic journey at a very young age. She wants her painting world to be expressive, creative and filled with an amazing range of colours and textures. The process of creation, the interaction of colours and absence of colours inspires her to create. Her passion and perception is reflected through her artwork. Her work has earned many
awards and has been showcased in various art galleries. She believes that creativity has ripple effects thus she is actively conducting art workshops.

Chandrakant Redican

Chandrakant Redican is a spoken word poet the Co-Founder of Bullock Cart Poetry. He has performed at all the top venues in Pune including Lost the Plot, High Spirits, Blue Frog, Gyaan Adab, Sudarshan and Kala Chaya. He has featured as a poet at the Pune International Literary Festival, The Goa Arts and Literary Festival, PDPU literary festival and Mood Indigo (IIT Mumbai). Apart from that, he does many private shows and ticketed events across the country. Chandrakant has done many spoken word poetry workshop and his organization Bullock Cart Poetry which he founded with his Sister Priyam is responsible for taking spoken word to many parts of the country including north east India.
He is also a lecturer by profession and a Zoologist with a specialization in Molecular biology. He is currently a guest faculty at Symbiosis College teaching liberal arts courses. He is part of several NGO’s in the educational field.